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The Limited Edition V10 Challenger

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V10 Challenger

When it comes to engine choices for the Dodge Challenger, we are used to the usual V8, V6 or even, we dare say it, a four-cylinder. But, in 2010 the Mopar side of the business decided to drop a 8.4 liter V10 engine from the Dodge Viper into a Challenger. The end result was the Challenger Drag Pak, aimed at the racing side of the hobby.

This limited edition engine package for the Dodge Challenger provided 630HP, but anecdotal evidence says that this power rating could be far higher. As the vehicle was aimed at NHRA racing, buyers had to sign an agreement stating that they wouldn’t use the vehicle on public highways. Not that you would ever want to, considering all the modern luxuries had been stripped out such as power steering, air conditioning or even rear seats. Plus the addition of racing slicks wouldn’t have given much traction on the average open road.

As the V10 Challenger was aimed at the racing brigade, optional extras such as a roll cage, mesh windows and safety harnesses were available for an extra $7,900. For any other color other than the primer white, the cost would be $6900. Any type of decals would be $700, added to the buy-it-now price of $85,000 at the time.

Only 70 examples were ever produced of the V10 Challenger, making it a definite future rarity.


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